Un éveil musical pour les 4-12 ans
du 8 juillet 2014 au 2 novembre 2014

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An entire world of sound surrounds us in our daily life at home, in the street, at school and in nature, sounds come to us undifferentiated and our ears get used to them. But each sound corresponds to a specific material, a gesture, a vibration which informs the ear about an event taking place.

In this exhibition, you can play with strange instruments, pushing, blowing and striking them to hear all the different sounds they make... Even stones make a noise! And if we prick up our ears, we move gradually from the world of sound to the world of music.

Around twenty musical instruments, extraordinary sound machines produced by a fertile imagination, allow everyone from age 4 up to play them and grasp the basic notions of the physics of sound.

Where does sound come from, how is it produced, why is it sharp or flat, what is a note? Music and Physics, the couple of the year?

This exhibition was designed and created by Mickael BRADKE of MobilesMusikMuseum