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15 October 2013 to 24 August 2014
There are more than one million billion ants and approximately 12,000 species. They can vary from a few millimetres to up to 3 cm in size and can be red, black or brown. They communicate, and have a highly developed social system. Who are they really? This exhibition presents the complexity of this familiar insect in a fascinating way. A dramatic and surprising décor of wild grass plunges visitors into a world where they are reduced to the size of an ant. They will discover several living ant farms, giant portraits and a giant 4m x 4m model.

Exhibition created by the Palais de la Découverte.


  • The giant portraits
  • The 4m by 4m model
  • The world's largest ants
  • Ants fitted with RFID chips
Palais de la découverte du 15 octobre 2013 au 24 août 2014